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Inheritance for All!

Problems AntiMoney seeks to resolve:

1. Could there be a war of all against all? I’m Joe Baker, Inventor of the AntiMoney concept. I feel that the money of today is causing all humans to be at war with one another. We fight for purchasing power not realizing that in doing so we are making everyone else fight harder as well. The existing system of debt and scarcity can be replaced. Humans have infinite value – our economics systems should take this into account.

2. There is a huge discrepancy between the haves and the have-nots.

3. Money based upon debt creates future obligations which adds to the fire of the competition.

4. Huge portions of the world are un-banked and lack collateral to participate in a debt based economy.


Each participant issues the credit and forgiveness toward all of humanity. Each person on earth would be offered about 10 billion dollars worth of AntiMoney.

This asset will be attached to a digital crypto currency named AntiMoney “AntiM” on the Ethereum blockchain (contract id# 0xba3C9fA68Df082E0c8d5f2163125F10e1Fe1bE9E)

Terms of use will apply and are presently being drafted. Defending the value of the asset for humanity will be similar to such parts of the

This is a project of, Joseph William Baker and is closely affiliated with